Internal Alarm, Public Shrugs: Facebook’s Employees Dissect Its Election Role


1. From Wednesday via Saturday there used to be numerous content material circulating which implied fraud within the election, at round 10% of all civic content material and 1-2% of all US VPVs. There used to be additionally a edge of incitement to violence.

2. There have been dozens of staff tracking this, and FB introduced ~15 measures previous to the election, and every other ~15 within the days afterwards. Lots of the measures made existings processes extra competitive: e.g. through decreasing thresholds, through making consequences extra serious, or increasing eligibility for present measures. Some measures have been qualitative: reclassifying positive sorts of content material as violating, which had now not been earlier than.

3. I might bet those measures lowered occurrence of violating content material through a minimum of 2X. Then again they’d collateral harm (casting off and demoting non-violating content material), and the episode brought about noticeable resentment through Republican Fb customers who really feel they’re being unfairly focused.